Pioneer band students excel at state festival

Symphony Band - edited-2

Pioneer band students received 67  first division and  18  second division ratings in solo performance, as well as  68  first division and  eight second division ratings in ensemble performance at the Michigan School Band and Orchestra’s State Solo and Ensemble Festival  on March 19.

Students prepared a solo and/or an ensemble and performed for an MSBOA-certified adjudicator. Their performance was evaluated and a rating between “I” (Excellent) and “V” was assigned.

Sophomores through seniors who performed solos were also eligible to participate in proficiency examinations, requiring scales and sightreading, as well as performance on their solo. The symbol (2) after a students name indicates that they had two events receiving that rating in the same category.

 Pioneer High School Band students receiving a “I” (excellent) rating for their performance of a solo were:  Martin Ahn, Christopher Akey, Hailey Anderson, Michael Botello, Levi Boylan, Mark Bruey, Jacob Carrera, Sophy Cunningham, Angus Fan, Matthew Ferraro, Aaron Fields, John Florence, Ingrid Ford, Alexandra Halberstam, Nathan Heed, Michaela Hennebury, Kira Hettmer, Sean Higgins, Kai Hoffman, Max Housner, Anna Inohara, Hyun Gang Jeong, Christopher Jiang, Stephen Jiang, Phoebe Johnson, Clarisse Jorah, Sam Kass, Jinyoung Kim, Hadas Kluger, Elizabeth Kos, Sujay Kulkarni, Anurima Kumar, Michelle Lardie-Guzek, Dylan Lee, Annie Li, Jonathan Lynn, Natalie Marr, Anthony McDonough, Megan McLaughlin, William Meng, Eli Micale, Viraj Mohile, Nathan Ng, Jack Pakela, Melissa Palfey, Greg Papaefthymiou, Leo Ratté, Owen Saad, Grace Schickling, Alexis Scott, Rachel Shearon, Kiara Siebler, Christopher Stubbs, Siwei Sun, Jessica Szewczul, Bennett Thomas, Jonathan Thomas, Aditya Vinukonda, Lena von Moltke, Leah Webber, Maddie Wilson, Kelman Wolfkostin, Aubrey Wright, Carsten Wright, Martin Yang, Yongyi (Dabao) Zhang, and Annie Zhou.

Pioneer High School Band students receiving a “II” (good) rating for their performance of a solo were:  Shreya Chakravarthy, Shashank Chandru, Zoe Dorsey, Nels Erickson, Daniel Hirshbein, Audrey Lardie-Guzek, Jane Mintz, Sachin Nair, Lizzy Peters, Sampoorna Ravikanth, Katy Ross, Savannah Rotmeijer, Josh Szewczul, Alex Throneberry, Matea Turenne, Grace Wissman, Yuchen Yang, and Vinay Yarlagadda.

 Pioneer High School Band students receiving a “I” (excellent) rating for their performance of an ensemble were:  Lydia Betz (2), Nia Blair, Levi Boylan, Mark Bruey, Celia Chagnovich, Carolyn Corey (2), Lucy Duan,  Nels Erickson, Angus Fan, Elena Fang, Matthew Ferraro (2), Aaron Fields (2), Genera Fields (3), Ingrid Ford, Nathan Heed (2), Michaela Hennebury (2), Sean Higgins (2), Daniel Hirshbein, Nicole Hocott, Kai Hoffman (2), Anna Inohara (2), Hyun Gang Jeong, Jinyoung Kim, Minjun Kim,  Ella Kocher, Patrick Kollman, Anurima Kumar, Sarah Lancaster, Audrey Lardie-Guzek, Annie Li, Megan McLaughlin, Claire Miller, Nathan Ng, John Nicklas, Melissa Palfey, Evan Pluth, Sampoorna Ravikanth, Isabella Reyes, Katy Ross (2), Savannah Rotmeijer, Alexis Scott (2), Rachel Shearon, Eric Shen (2), Bennett Thomas, Jonathan Thomas, Mattea Turenne, Lena von Moltke, Leah Webber, Aubrey Wright, Martin Yang (2), Daniel Yoo, Brandon Yuan, and Annie Zhou

 Pioneer High School Band students receiving a “II” (good) rating for their performance of an ensemble were:  Lily Gillman, Iris He, Audrey Lardie-Guzek, Justin McNeil, Ben Stensen, Desai Wang, Hui Yoo, and Eric Zhou.

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