3 questions for: Carys Aherne RE the Scarlett Nation Podcast

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

Carys Aherne loves the convenience of listening to podcasts about Broadway and musical theatre on her phone.

As head of the Scarlett Student Council’s four-member News Crew, she had already been taking videos of student athletes, so she wondered: Why not expand into podcasts?

“So I started asking questions about it and everybody loved the idea so I dived in,” says the articulate eighth grader, who just turned 14.

That’s why Carys can sometimes be found holding a microphone and interviewing her next guest of The Scarlett Nation Podcast.

es to enjoy.

“The podcast is basically a space for students to be able to hear what’s going on with different sports at the school or just other things going on at school so they can stay in tune with everything,” said Carys, who uses her phone and a microphone to make the podcasts, and posts them on Anchor.

Carys said that while podcasting is now more popular with adults than kids, she thinks more and more kids will tune into podcasts.

“Books for me when I was young was a way to get news and hear what’s going on in the world,” she says, “whereas podcasting now is so much easier way. You just pull out your phone which everyone has nowadays and put in your earbuds and you can listen to whatever you want to hear about.”

She’s not sure about a future career in podcasting, but hopes to have a role in the news business—”and being able to spread important news or just help people around the world.”

Baugh, Leslie
Thu, Mar 12, 3:49 PM (4 days ago)
to me

Leslie Baugh, who co-sponsors the Student Council alongside Laura Morning, calls Carys an “amazing” young social activist.

“She opted to challenge herself by creating and marketing a podcast for students, staff, and the community as a way to spread the amazing things that happen at the Scarlett Nation,” said Baugh. “She also wanted to give voice to the student body as she discussed debatable topics. She possesses a professional awareness and regard for issues like that of someone many years her senior. At the same time. she is bubbly and vivacious and is an integral part of Student Council and Scarlett Middle School.”

“Great things are ahead for this courageous and bright young lady. “

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