What you should know about Count Day on Oct. 2

Forsythe Middle School (file photo)
Forsythe Middle School (file photo)

Oct. 1, 2013

By Tara Cavanaugh

By now you’ve probably heard and seen plenty of reminders about the Oct. 2 Count Day. Here are some things worth knowing.

What is Count Day?

On Count Day, the district counts every student who is enrolled and present in the school buildings. The number of students determines how much per-pupil funding is given to the district from the state. There are two count days every school year: one in October and one in February.

What if my student is absent?

Absent students can still be counted. A student with an excused absence has thirty days to be counted; a student with an unexcused absence has ten days.

We’ve had a drop in enrollment this year. Does that mean less per-pupil funding for the district? When would that take effect?

Yes, the district’s decrease in enrollment of 216 students will affect its revenue from the state; the district will receive around $2 million less than it projected with flat (neither increasing nor decreasing) enrollment.

The state pays the district 11 times each calendar year. Payments are adjusted continually based on preliminary counts and subsequent audits. The district will start to receive lower payments in December or January.

To accommodate the $2 million decrease, Superintendent Dr. Jeanice Swift put in order several measures: two administrative positions will remain vacant (the coordinator of literacy programs and the supervisor of environmental services); the limit and use of purchasing cards is restricted; all overtime, part-time and hourly work must be pre-approved; out-of-state travel must be pre-approved; hiring for new and vacant positions must be pre-approved.

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