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Skyline students to present “Get Hype: for An Evening With Skyline Theatre” on April 15


Some of the Skyline Theatre students preparing songs, dances, and scenes for” Get Hype: An Evening With Skyline Theatre.” Photo by Lisa Gavan.

It’s not often that a single evening of entertainment features material generated by Monty Python, Shakespeare, Lin Manuel-Miranda, and Lerner and Lowe, but all that and much more will be part of “Get Hype: An Evening with Skyline Theatre” on Friday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Experimental Theatre at Skyline High School. Admission is free, but a $10 donation is suggested.

“We have a great crop of talented theatre students, and this is a fun way to showcase their many talents and the many ways performances on the live stage can entertain,” said director Brodie H. Brockie. “We’ve got a lot of songs in a variety of styles, plus dancing, and a few great scenes from non-musical shows.”

Brockie said he and the students selected the pieces being featured, which are made up of predominantly up-beat and comedic numbers, with just a few dramatic and sad moments to round out the show. Selections include time-tested classics like songs from “The Pirates of Penzance” and “My Fairy Lady” to modern hits like “Avenue Q” and “Hamilton.” Plus, in addition to well-known favorites, a few lesser-known gems are featured from shows like “Blood Brothers,” cult classics like “Batboy,” and a scene from a personal favorite of the director called “The Explorers Club.”

“We have 20 students performing throughout the night and each of them get a couple of moments in the spotlight,” said Brockie. “We have so much talent at Skyline that, unfortunately, sometimes even really talented students never quite get a featured role, but this format gives everyone a chance to shine.”

The event serves as a fundraiser for the Skyline Friends of the Arts to offer scholarships for theatre students hoping to attend the International Thespian Festival this summer at the University of Nebraska, a week-long event during which students will take workshops with theatre professionals and professors, visit with college representatives, compete in performance and technical events, and see top-notch high school productions from around the country.

The cast for “Get Hype” includes Desirae Nelson, Evan Murphy, Jacki Boswell, Theo Billups, Vanessa Noble, Leah Bauer, Peter Dannug, Hayla Alawi, Emily Naud, Sam Waterhouse, Amanda Wilhoit, Isabella Preissle, Cassie Ritter, Emma Gerlinger, Christina Holder, Emily Benedict, Jianmarco Barbeau, Riley O’Brien, Ava Chamberlain, and Kristina Kimball. Student stage managers Ryann Patten and Katier Arnett make sure things are running smoothly behind the scenes.


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