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”For every hour we put in, we have a teacher, or counselor, or a coach, or administrator who put in ten, and I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you all my sincerest thanks on behalf of the graduating class of 2016. You all have had a very positive impact on our lives,” said student speaker Basil Baccouche.

“No one can take away your freedom to choose how you will react. That is yours, and yours alone, and if you continue to make the kind of good choices that got you here to graduation, you will continue to forge your own destiny,” Zingerman’s co-founder Paul Saginaw told the 2016 graduating class from Pathways to Success Academic Campus

It’s clear that Huron High School students are true to their school. See the responses of six seniors on their last day of school on Friday. Video by Jo Mathis/AAPS District News

“What I have noticed, even at a very young age, is that students in Ann Arbor Public Schools, they yearn for perfection, they believe perfection is how we succeed. There are students in high school that they get 4.0s because they know that they are supposed to get 4.0s,” says Skyline Senior Charles Graham.

 Slideshow by Jo Mathis AAPS District News Editor The action on the field at Huron High School Thursday reflected two of Ann Arbor Public Schools’ core values: working together, and respect for all. On the second annual A2 Unified Day, general education and special education students …

Slideshow, story and photos by Jo Mathis AAPS District News Any transition can be hard, and high on a student’s stress meter is the move from elementary to middle school, followed a few years later by the step up to high school. That’s why every …

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