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Caroline Fitzgerald grew up in Pearl City, Hawaii and started learning the saxophone in seventh grade. Her band teacher was the most influential teacher in her life and the reason she decided to pursue music education. …

 Story, video and photos by Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Clague Middle School PTSO President Margaret Baker says the school’s new “Cougar Trail” reminds her of a feel-good Jimmy Stewart movie. “It’s like a community-gets-together-and-makes-it-happen “Mr. Smith …

“We treat our sports physicals almost like an annual wellness exam. It’s not like a traditional sports physical clinic where you get in and out just with the physical and go. Because with youth often their only opportunity for getting health care is once a year during their sports physical. We take that opportunity to say, lets look at your entire health,” says Nurse Practitioner Beth Kuzma.

”When you all started it was the first time that I saw meaningful change for some of our at risk kids at the level they needed, at the personal level, with their issues, and their understanding of what’s going on in their lives,” says Ann Arbor Public Schools Trustee Christine Stead.

“I think it gives kids a chance to get a jump start on what it’s like to interview for jobs, and become part of the working world. As far as being an eighth grader and having a chance to do this now I think it will give them an advantage later on when they actually are interviewing for jobs,” says Doug Martelle from the Ann Arbor Police Department.

“Ann Arbor is a cultural place, there are cultures from all over the world in Ann arbor, so I think it’s important that the kids get to know different cultures and get to know different ways of doing things. That’s important for the business community also because we all need to learn from other areas and how other people do things,” says David Norton from Bank of Ann Arbor.

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