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“We don’t want students just learning by rote, we want them learning how to be thinkers, and changers, and movers and we want them thinking about how to create, and how to survive in a world that’s more technology based,” says Rec and Ed Life-Long Learning Manager Kim Smith

Ashley Park as Tuptim in the Lincoln Center’s revival of “The King and I”. Pioneer High School graduate Ashley Park, a Grammy-nominated Broadway performer who most recently  played Tuptim in the Lincoln Center’s Tony Award-winning revival of “The King and I” is returning to Ann …

”When you all started it was the first time that I saw meaningful change for some of our at risk kids at the level they needed, at the personal level, with their issues, and their understanding of what’s going on in their lives,” says Ann Arbor Public Schools Trustee Christine Stead.

“I am grateful to all the employee group leaders, Deputy Superintendent Comsa, and the members of the negotiating teams who invested their time during this negotiation process to achieve this positive outcome,” says Superintendent Jeanice Swift.

 Story and photos by Jo Mathis AAPS District News Editor Carpenter Elementary’s renovated courtyard will serve as an outdoor science classroom aimed at helping children understand the natural world around them. “We wanted to make the inner courtyard into a more manageable learning space,” said …

The five Skyline seniors accepted to Princeton include (left to right): Christopher Wilks; Kalana Athukorala (who chose the University of Michigan); Micaela Keller; Olivia Foster; and Shreya Menon (who chose Harvard University). Photo by Jo Mathis. By Jo Mathis AAPS District News Editor Ann Arbor …

”For every hour we put in, we have a teacher, or counselor, or a coach, or administrator who put in ten, and I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you all my sincerest thanks on behalf of the graduating class of 2016. You all have had a very positive impact on our lives,” said student speaker Basil Baccouche.

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