AAPS Updates


“By almost every measure including the top to bottom list, Ann Arbor was achieving especially for our underrepresented minority students, especially for those who are socio-economically challenged that was being recognized by state and national organizations and state and national governments,” School Board President Deb Mexicotte explains.

    AAPAC co-chair Mary Duerksen says she appreciates knowing what teachers are learning. Photos by Jo Mathis By Jo Mathis AAPS District News AAPS parents whose children have an IEP or 504 Plan say they appreciate the effort to include them more and more …

“The KidSport approach — to learn sports skills in a non-competitive environment — is the perfect complement to Rec & Ed’s kid-friendly sports program,” says Rec and Ed Director Jenna Bacolor.

“I love it whether it’s my family or my students, because it’s the thrill of the hunt, it’s like a puzzle,” Katherine Willson explains the excitement she gets from solving a family mystery.

“We don’t look at it like it’s a choice whether we’ll be ready or not, I mean we have to. I mean all these kids have to be picked up safely, delivered to and from school, and ready to learn on time,” says Durham School Services Regional Vice President Brad Tate.

By Andrew Cluley Communications Specialist Security upgrades were one of the highlights in the 2015 Ann Arbor Public Schools Bond issue. Voters overwhelmingly passed the $33 million bond proposal in May, and the School Board this week considers the first such security improvements. The need …

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