AAPS Updates


“It is certainly a far cry from some of the budgets that we’ve had to work on in the past where we’ve had 10, 15, 18 million dollars to try to find in the budget, I think that the general feeling is that it’s very positive, but cautious,” School Board President Deb Mexicotte says describing the 2015-16 budget plan.

“I love it when my students get the “ah-ha” moment. Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it is a long process but in the end, every time it’s worth the effort,” says Pattengill fifth grade teacher Marie Embry.

With 73 percent support, voters last week approved Ann Arbor Public Schools $33 million dollar bond proposal. The Board of Education has now authorized the sale of the first series of bonds.

“That’s new playgrounds, It’s secured entrances to keep our children safe, it’s beautiful new yellow school buses, and it’s an infused and refreshed learning environment that will support our children today and for generations to come,” says Superintendent Jeanice Swift.

“It’s great that people are getting awards here today, but it’s the work that went into the award that you should celebrate, not the award itself,” Nobel Prize winner and Pioneer High School graduate Dr. Eric Betzig said.

Many AAPS music teachers are seasoned performers and share their passion for performing with students daily. For the first time, they are coming together in a showcase for the community. Your attendance and generosity are requested for “An Evening of Music” with the music teachers …

Program enhancements are coming next year to all Ann Arbor Public Schools under the plan the Board of Education discussed at this week’s study session. Superintendent Jeanice Swift says the theme this year is to bring improvements to every classroom in the district.

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