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Federal Judge John Corbett O’Meara expects to rule in the next few days if he will grant a motion of preliminary injunction against Public Act 269. Cities, school boards, and other government entities that may put issues on the ballot oppose the new law, which bars local units of government from sharing factual information around ballot issues within 60 days of the election.

On AAPS’ Professional Development Day Monday, 1200 professional teachers, principals, teaching assistants, nurses, and support staff chose among 62 sessions focused on learning and teaching which were located at six locations around the district. The sessions were facilitated by AAPS teacher leaders as well as nationally …

“Unless the board changes and unless there is a compelling need to do so, leadership stability is important to the continuation of our governance structure, continuation of our efforts and initiatives in conjunction with administration. I think it also speaks to the fact that this board functions very well as a team,” says Board President Deb Mexicotte.

“When I see kindergarten class sizes, and we have 81 percent under 23 students in the class, that’s spectacular, it’s really spectacular in today’s day and environment and the cost pressures, that we are consistently under. I think it truly reflects Ann Arbor’s priority in the best student experience,” says School Board Member Donna Lasinski.

Ron Robinson stands at the door at the Argus IMRA Planetarium at Pioneer High School. The earth science teacher has been the planetarium’s director since 2011. Story and photos by Jo Mathis AAPS District News When the Argus Planetarium was installed in the new Ann …

“For example the report did not say, gee, you have three elementary schools that are way under capacity you really need to think about closing one, or two, or perhaps all three of those schools. There is also nothing in here that addresses redistricting or the need to redistrict to align things,” School Board Member Andy Thomas says highlighting some of the recommendations the district doesn’t need to consider at this time.

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