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“We don’t look at it like it’s a choice whether we’ll be ready or not, I mean we have to. I mean all these kids have to be picked up safely, delivered to and from school, and ready to learn on time,” says Durham School Services Regional Vice President Brad Tate.

By Andrew Cluley Communications Specialist Security upgrades were one of the highlights in the 2015 Ann Arbor Public Schools Bond issue. Voters overwhelmingly passed the $33 million bond proposal in May, and the School Board this week considers the first such security improvements. The need …

“We’re expecting more students, we’re expecting to hire more teachers. We think if we’re able to continue to grow in that way we’ll actually be in a better financial position and that’s the environment where we’ll be allowed to do something more for our staff,” says School Board Vice- President Christine Stead.

An impressive class of graduates leaves Ann Arbor Public Schools five high schools in 2015. 1,306 diplomas were awarded over the last two weeks at commencement ceremonies for Pathways to Success Academic Campus, Community High School, Huron High School, Pioneer High School and Skyline High School.

“It is inevitable in life to have distractions and hardships, but we will move past them. We will look down on the storms and know we can conquer them. As eagles, we will continue to dream big and press towards the mark, to reach the goal as shown in our prosperous sports and test scores,” says Skyline graduate Nia Willis.

“Your adjustment to the unexpected and uncontrolled defines your life. It can bring great joys never contemplated. When life puts a roadblock in your path, paint it your favorite color, build a hang glider out of it and soar into a new future,” Pioneer English teacher Shawn Ashley tells the class of 2015.

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