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Class of 2015

An impressive class of graduates leaves Ann Arbor Public Schools five high schools in 2015. 1,306 diplomas were awarded over the last two weeks at commencement ceremonies for Pathways to Success Academic Campus, Community High School, Huron High School, Pioneer High School and Skyline High School.

“It is inevitable in life to have distractions and hardships, but we will move past them. We will look down on the storms and know we can conquer them. As eagles, we will continue to dream big and press towards the mark, to reach the goal as shown in our prosperous sports and test scores,” says Skyline graduate Nia Willis.

“Your adjustment to the unexpected and uncontrolled defines your life. It can bring great joys never contemplated. When life puts a roadblock in your path, paint it your favorite color, build a hang glider out of it and soar into a new future,” Pioneer English teacher Shawn Ashley tells the class of 2015.

Story and photos by Jo Mathis AAPS District News Editor Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center was the setting for Huron High School’s 47th commencement, an inspiring two-hour ceremony that honored each graduating River Rat setting …

“Being around students who love what they do so much, and teachers who love what they do so much, and see them get fulfillment in that when that aren’t necessarily getting fulfillment out of you know financial success or recognition, that meant a lot to me,” Community High School graduate Julian Stockton says about what Community means to him.