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AAPS Updates

Board of Education

”When you all started it was the first time that I saw meaningful change for some of our at risk kids at the level they needed, at the personal level, with their issues, and their understanding of what’s going on in their lives,” says Ann Arbor Public Schools Trustee Christine Stead.

“I am grateful to all the employee group leaders, Deputy Superintendent Comsa, and the members of the negotiating teams who invested their time during this negotiation process to achieve this positive outcome,” says Superintendent Jeanice Swift.

“What I have noticed, even at a very young age, is that students in Ann Arbor Public Schools, they yearn for perfection, they believe perfection is how we succeed. There are students in high school that they get 4.0s because they know that they are supposed to get 4.0s,” says Skyline Senior Charles Graham.

The Chinese TV show Colorful Planet recently filmed at Skyline High School to show a slice of life in an American high school. By Andrew Cluley AAPS Communications Specialist Ann Arbor Public Schools’ already robust options for global learning are expanding. The Board of Education …

“Unless the board changes and unless there is a compelling need to do so, leadership stability is important to the continuation of our governance structure, continuation of our efforts and initiatives in conjunction with administration. I think it also speaks to the fact that this board functions very well as a team,” says Board President Deb Mexicotte.

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