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April 2012

Burns Park Elementary looks like an idyllic old fashioned school from the early 20th century. The brick building boasts huge paned windows, crown moldings and alcoves. Surrounding oak trees only add to the charm. But this pretty little picture turns nightmarish for a technology expert who wants to update the school to 21st century technology.

In an eighth grade Spanish class at Tappan Middle School earlier this month, Jennifer Shaw’s students learned how to become weather forecasters. Well, that’s what sounded like. Using the website ed.voicethread.com, Shaw’s students practiced their Spanish speaking skills while using a slew of technology resources.

It’s springtime in the Tappan Garden

April 24, 2012 // 3 Comments

By Tara Cavanaugh You can learn a lot by playing in the dirt. You can learn about starting seeds, pulling weeds, the life cycle and the compost pile. Now that spring is in full swing, Tappan Middle School students are learning all that and more …

By Tara Cavanaugh One step into the Google office in downtown Ann Arbor, and you can tell that this isn’t your typical company. A well-stocked kitchen with on-demand chefs can whip up nearly any meal or snack. Brightly colored, Michigan-themed rooms are stocked with comfortable …

Pioneer Theatre Guild is so pleased to announce that two of our esteemed faculty, David Leach (Director of Pioneer Bands and Chair of the Music Department) and Chuck White (Math and Physics Teacher and Athletic Coach) will be featured in our upcoming production of WEST SIDE STORY as Officer Krupke and Lieutenant Shrank, respectively.

On April 11 and 12, 125 Forsythe Middle School seventh graders enjoyed a field trip to the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn. Following the museum visit, the students experienced an authentic Lebanese lunch at Al-Ameer restaurant.

The U.S. Navy Band played at Pioneer High School March 10, 2012. 176 Communities Nationwide Achieve Prestigious Designation; 166 School Districts and 10 Schools Achieve Prestigious National Designation The NAMM Foundation announced the results of its 13th annual Best Communities for Music Education survey, which …

Why is Skyline included in the Tech Bond?

April 16, 2012 // 9 Comments

Skyline High School still looks as shiny and new as the day it opened four years ago. Outside, modern steel beams crisscross over airy windows that stretch up its four floors. Inside, tall ceilings and natural light show off a pristine interior unblemished by time. So why would Skyline be allocated any dollars from the Technology Bond if it passes?

The 2012 Tech Bond by the numbers

April 13, 2012 // 6 Comments

If the Tech Bond is approved, the money wouldn’t be spent all at once. Instead, this detailed illustration shows how the money would be used during a 10-year period.

  On Saturday, March 24, the Skyline Quiz Bowl Team traveled to East Lansing to compete in the annual March Madness Tournament at Michigan State University. After ten rounds and six hours of rigorous matches, the team finished with an outstanding fifth place out of …

At the March 22 session of the mentorship program, which took place at Menlo Innovations, Pattengill Principal Che Carter and Denise Murray from Briarwood Mall listen to Bryant Principal Roberta Heyward. Photo provided by Annette Ferguson. By Tara Cavanaugh Principals in the Ann Arbor Public …

Superintendent Dr. Patricia Green shares the district’s educational goals and how they relate to the 2012 Technology Bond at the Feb. 29 kickoff at Huron High School. Have questions about the upcoming Tech Bond vote on May 8? District administrators will present information about the …

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